2. akumayouthdfl:

    Code red

  4. Sasquatch sketch
    Listening to podcast this is what I came up with
    Descriptive sketching


  5. Nefertiti-just move yo

    For those who remember-not for those who know pt2

  6. akumayouth dfl-wutang clan c.r.e.a.m

    Raes verse-when hiphop lyrics made sense


  7. Muthafuckers think they qualify-Gza

  8. chop,chop skatersocks-C.L.Howell


  9. I shitted on your hood kid,shitted on your hood,got to your burner too late I’m looking real good-Ghostface

  10. Sky-lark-in-Akumayouth DFL 2010


  11. Wutang-wu wear-againandagainandagainandagainandagainandagain

    (Source: brutaldeluxeillustration)

  12. MALCOLM X-tattoo design

    For tattoo designs email:brutaldeluxe@hotmail.co.uk


  13. The vault-1995 illustration

    C.l.Howell-what we wore in 1995.


  14. (Source: akumayouthdfl)

  15. untitled-c l howell